Ulla Miilmann, Tine Rehling – French Music For Flute And Harp (KON 32345)

Denmark’s leading instrumentalists Ulla Miilmann (flute) and Tine Rehling (harp) joined forces to record a superb collection of late romantic and impressionistic works by an alley of foremost composers of France in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries. Ulla Miilmann and Tine Rehling began their collaboration as duo in 2007. They have since been dazzling wide range of audiences with their pure and elegant interpretation of repertoire with a significant emphasis on French music. 1. Fantasie, op. 124 (Camille Saint-Saëns)2. Habanera (Maurice Ravel)3. Syrinx, op. 129 (Claude Debussy)4. En bateau (Claude Debussy)5. Première arabesque, op. 66 (Claude Debussy)6. Entr’acte (Jacques Ibert)7. Sicilienne, op. 78 (Gabriel Fauré)8. Morceau … Continue reading

Johannes Andreasen, Signe Haugland, Nina Jeppesen, Pia Kaufmanas, Anna Klett, Curt Kollavik-Jensen, Helle Kristensen, Tomas Kvæde, Jane Odriozola, Ricardo Odriozola, Tine Rehling, Rosalind Bevan, Jesper Sivebæk, Páll Solstein, Nicolaj von Scholten, Øssur Bæ, Astrid Christensen, Joakim Dam Thomsen, Geir Dragsvoll – Koch: Chamber Music 1 (KON 32280)

1. Dream-child (Jesper Koch)2. Images Of Lorca (Jesper Koch)3. Land Of Dreams (Jesper Koch)4. Wanderings Of My Childhood: I Prolog (Jesper Koch)5. Wanderings Of My Childhood: II Intermezzo (Jesper Koch)6. Wanderings Of My Childhood: III Scherzo (Jesper Koch)7. Wanderings Of My Childhood: IV Passacaglia & Epilogue (Jesper Koch)8. Jabberwocky (Jesper Koch)9. Funérailles (Jesper Koch)10. Down In The Rabbit Hole: I Pastorale (Jesper Koch)11. Down In The Rabbit Hole: II Scherzzo I (Jesper Koch)12. Down In The Rabbit Hole: III Intermezzo (Jesper Koch)13. Down In The Rabbit Hole: IV Scherzo II (Jesper Koch)14. Down In The Rabbit Hole: V Epilogue (Jesper Koch) UPC/EAN: 716043228027 … Continue reading

Jens E Christensen, Thomas Krakowski, Toke Lund Christiansen, Bjørn Carl Nielsen, Nina Pavlovski, Tine Rehling – Nørholm: Duos With Organ (KON 32251)

1. Motet for Soprano and Organ Op. 5 (Ib Nørholm)2. Controversies Between Guitar and Organ Op. 63: I Sempre distinto (Ib Nørholm)3. Controversies Between Guitar and Organ Op. 63: II (Ib Nørholm)4. Controversies Between Guitar and Organ Op. 63: III Allegro (Ib Nørholm)5. Three Pieces for Flute and Organ Op. 37a: I Litany (Ib Nørholm)6. Three Pieces for Flute and Organ Op. 37a: II Hoc (Ib Nørholm)7. Three Pieces for Flute and Organ Op. 37a: III Chorale (Ib Nørholm)8. Light and Shade Op. 111: I (Ib Nørholm)9. Light and Shade Op. 111: II (Ib Nørholm)10. Sonata for Oboe and Organ, Op. 127: I A Cold Winter's Heart (Ib Nørholm)11. Sonata … Continue reading

Toke Lund Christiansen, Annika Frederikson, Per Jacobsen, Per Jensen, Morten Mogensen, Bjørn Carl Nielsen, Tine Rehling, Per Salo, Anne Søe Hansen, Majken Bjerno, Niels Thomsen, Niels Ullner, Piotr Zelazny, Zwi Camelli, Ketil Christensen, Michael Dabelstein – Roussel: Complete Chamber Music With Flute (KON 32218/19)

32218 ALBERT ROUSSEL: Complete Chamber Music With Flute TOKE LUND CHRISTIANSEN flute BJØRN CARL NIELSEN oboe , NIELS THOMSEN clarinet , PER JACOBSEN French horn , ASGER SVENDSEN bassoon , KETIL CHRISTENSEN trumpet , PER SALO piano , ANNE SØE HANSEN violin , ZWI CARMELLI, PIOTR ZELAZNY viola (Disc 1 track 9-11) , NIELS ULLNER cello , MICHAEL DABELSTEEN double bass TINE REHLING harp , PER JENSEN percussion , MAJKEN BJERNO soprano , MORTEN MOGENSEN piano (Disc 2, track 12 ) Recorded 1994-95 DISC 1 [47:04] DIVERTISSEMENT Op. 6 6:51 TRIO Op. 40 [14:31] JOUEURS DE FLUTE Op. 27 [9:34] SERENADE Op. 30 [15:49] DISC 2 [46:17] LE MARCHAND DE … Continue reading

Toke Lund Christiansen, Per Jacobsen, Per Jensen, Mikael Beier, Bjørn Carl Nielsen, Ingolf Olsen, Tine Rehling, Per Salo, Asger Svendsen, Anne Søe Hansen, Niels Thomsen, Niels Ullnetr, Ketil Christensen – Ibert: Complete Chamber Music with Flute (KON 32202)

Kontrapunkt 32202 Jacques Ibert: CHAMBER MUSIC WITH FLUTE TROIS PIÈCES BRÉVES PIÈCE ENTR’ACTE DEUX MOUVEMENTS DEUX INTERLUDES JEUX ARIA “LE JARDINIER DE SAMOS” Collegium Musicum Soloists:Toke Lund Christiansen flute, Michael Beier flute , Bjørn Carl Nielsen oboe , Niels Thomsen clarinet , Asger Svendsen bassoon , Per Jacobsen French horn , Ketil Christensen trumpet , Per Jensen percussion total playing time 66:33 recorded 1994 The fact that all of their concerts are sold out as soon as they are announced is a proof of Collegium Musicum’s enormous popularity in Denmark. It is an orchestra consists of principal instrumentalists of major symphony orchestras throughout the country including flutist Toke Lund Christiansen … Continue reading

Toke Lund Christiansen, Michel Debost – Berlioz, Fauré, Debussy, Ravel, Ibert: Entr’acte (KON 32043)

1. Trio Des Jeunes Ismaelites (Hector Berlioz)2. Sicilienne (Gabriel Fauré)3. Impromptu (Gabriel Fauré)4. Divertissement Grec (Philippe Gaubert)5. En Bateau (Claude Debussy)6. Habanera (Maurice Ravel)7. Entr'acte (Jacques Ibert)8. Le Cerf Volant (Toke Lund Christiansen)9. Ballade for Flauto e Arpa (Toke Lund Christiansen)10. Swanlake Fantasy (Toke Lund Christiansen) UPC/EAN: 716043204328 … Continue reading