Tony Purrone – Incubation (SCCD 31591)

SCCD 31591 Tony Purrone Trio "Incubation" Tony Purrone belongs to a special rank of guitarists whose awesome skill and blinding velocity can co-exist with deep musical sensitivity and creativity. On this his seventh release on SteepleChase Purrone is whole-heartedly on jazz groove. For his Six-String Delight (SCCD 31438) album, JazzTimes' Bill Mikowski wrote," A monster guitarist, Purrone displays his prodigious technique on this celebration of 10 jazz guitar innovators.A wonderful sampler for jazz guitar fans and an admirable showcase for this criminally under-recognized six-string virtuoso." And Jim Ferguson of JazzTimes commented on Rascality album (SCCD 31514), ".it's important to know that his musical abilities run deep and encompass musicality, creativity … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – Guitarisk (SCCD 31550)

This is the third recording by the Tony Purrone Trio which has been together for five years. On their first album “The Tonester” (SCCD 31495) Aaron Steinberg of JazzTimes wrote, “… With an admirable sense for moderation and a flair for shooting sparks, Purrone combines just the right amounts of grit and harmonic sophistication. …Purrone’s tasteful playing complements his interesting choices in tunes …” And the second album “Rascality” (SCCD 31514) received the following remarks from Jim Ferguson in JazzTimes, “… his musical abilities run deep and encompass musicality, creativity and the ability to swing….While Purrone does possess awesome skills, he exercises restraint, calling upon them when they fit into … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – Rascality (SCCD 31514)

SCCD 31514 – Tony Purrone Trio – "Rascality" Guitarist Purrone leads his power rhythm section (Dave Anderson – electric fretted & fretless bass and Thierry Arpino – drums) in a session covering tunes ranging from "Body and Soul" to one of Miles Davis' later compositions "Petits Machins (Little Stuff)". Purrone is a rising guitar star. He is well known for his work with the Heath Brothers and all over the East Coast. Jim Ferguson of Jazz Times in his review of an earlier Purrone CD on SteepleChase ( SCCD 31475- Temperament) states that "there is more to this six string wonder than sheer velocity. He swings hard and sure while … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – The Tonester (SCCD 31495)

The trio Tony Purrone has been leading for a several seasons has an electronic edge with six-string electric bass by guitarist’s long time sidekick Dave Anderson and that’s the sound Tony the Tonester has been exploring for quite some time. The wizard of electric guitar in his favourite setting created a spellbound CD of contemporary jazz. 1. Goodbye (Gordon Jenkins)2. If I should lose you (Robin/Rainger)3. Fall (Wayne Shorter)4. The three Marias (Wayne Shorter)5. U.M.M.G. (Billy Strayhorn)6. Canteloupe Island (Herbie Hancock)7. Sing me softly of the blues (Carla Bley)8. Thorn of a white rose (Jan Hammer) UPC/EAN: 716043149520 … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – Temperament (SCCD 31475)

SCCD 31475 Temperament / Tony Purrone Trio “Temperament” is Tony Purrone’s fourth entry on SteepleChase label and is an aptly entitled one. As writer Mark Gardner puts it in the linernotes, “ Guitarist TonyPurrone possesses temperament in the most positive sense. Gregarious, fast-talking and straight-dealing, Tony is proud of his Italianate background and takes similar pride in striving to play to his full capability at all times….” 1. Joshua (Victor Feldman)2. Beautiful Love (Victor Young)3. Tell me a bedtime story (Herbie Hancock)4. Three in one (Thad Jones)5. ESP (Wayne Shorter)6. Bossa (Chick Corea)7. Fee fi fo fum (Wayne Shorter)8. Litha (Chick Corea) UPC/EAN: 716043147526 … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – Six-String Delight (SCCD 31438)

1. Signal (Jimmy Raney)2. Fleur d'Ennui (Django Reinhardt)3. All across the city (Jim Hall)4. Waterfall (George Van Eps)5. On the stairs (Pat Martino)6. Follow your heart (John McLaughlin)7. Sundown (Wes Montgomery)8. For Django (Joe Pass)9. Cavu (Johnny Smith)10. Gibson boy (Tal Farlow) UPC/EAN: 716043143825 … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – In The Heath Zone (SCCD 31410)

SCCD 31410 In The Heath Zone / Tony Purrone Quartet Following his highly successful “Set ‘em Up” CD (SCCD 31389), Tony Purrone dedicates his second album on SteepleChase to one of the greatest saxophonists, composers and bandleaders Jimmy Heath with whom Purrone has played together for 17 years. 1. All members (Jimmy Heath)2. D Waltz (Jimmy Heath)3. Bro' slim (Jimmy Heath)4. Heritage hum (Jimmy Heath)5. Ineffable (Jimmy Heath)6. Picture of Heath (Jimmy Heath)7. Mellowdrama (Jimmy Heath)8. Longravity (Jimmy Heath)9. Two tees (Jimmy Heath)10. The 13th house (Jimmy Heath) UPC/EAN: 716043141029 … Continue reading

Tony Purrone – Set ‘Em Up (SCCD 31389)

SCCD 31389 Set 'em Up / Tony Purrone Trio Though Tony Purrone is no stranger to SteepleChase recording sessions (most recently on Jimmy Heath’s “You Or Me” SCH 31370), this is Tony’s first leader album on the label. “ Tony Purrone is truly a rare artist. To find such a rich historical perspective, unbridled creativity, exceptional spontaneity and outstanding technical skills in a single individual is rare in any field …” (Don Oakes) 1. Blues aloof (Tony Purrone)2. How deep is the ocean (Irving Berlin)3. Wolfbane (Lenny White)4. Scott David (Eddie Gomez)5. Ah-Leu-Cha (Charlie Parker)6. Remembering the dream (Tony Purrone)7. Heads up, feet down (Jimmy Heath)8. Toy tune (Wayne Shorter)9. … Continue reading

Jimmy Heath – You Or Me (SCCD 31370)

SCCD 31370 You Or Me / Jimmy Heath Quartet The middle member of the tremendously talented Heath Brothers , veteran tenorman Jimmy Heath who is turning 70 next year is still one of the most active and busiest musicians around, leading his own group and big band, composing, arranging and teaching. Jimmy Heath on his second appearance on SteepleChase (earlier release SCCD 31292 “You’ve Changed”) offers us again “ an individual, rounded, mature and, above all, human tone that is expressive and pleases the ear ….” (Mark Gardner, from the linernotes). 1. The quota (Jimmy Heath)2. Rio dawn (Jimmy Heath)3. Ballad from upper neighbors suite (Jimmy Heath)4. Is that so? … Continue reading