Marit Ernst, Karina H. Jensen, Niels Henrik Jessen, Allan Harboe Karlsson, Pauline Kehlet, Katrine Kielland-Brandt, Nikolai Kjølsen, Jesper Koch, Pia Loman, Helle Nielsen, Troels Svane, Jeppe Tom-Petersen, Peter Andersen – Andersen: Three Flower Songs and other chamber works (KON 32325)

1. Three Flower Songs: The Rose (Bo Andersen)2. Three Flower Songs: The Lilac (Bo Andersen)3. Three Flower Songs: Lilly at the Vallies (Bo Andersen)4. Piensieri Notturno #1 (Bo Andersen)5. Sonatina in Uno Movimento (Bo Andersen)6. A Fantasia for the Viol (Bo Andersen)7. Rounds and Solos (Bo Andersen)8. Toccata – a Calmo: Toccata (Bo Andersen)9. Toccata – a Calmo: – e calmo … (Bo Andersen)10. 3 + 2 Nocturnes: Nocturne I (Bo Andersen)11. 3 + 2 Nocturnes: Nocturne II (Bo Andersen)12. 3 + 2 Nocturnes: Nocturne III (Bo Andersen)13. 3 + 2 Nocturnes: Nocturne VI (Bo Andersen)14. 3 + 2 Nocturnes: Nocturne V, Flower of the Vally Memory (Bo Andersen) UPC/EAN: … Continue reading

The Copenhagen Trio, Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen, Troels Svane – Nørholm: Trios 1959 – 1979 – 1999 (KON 32315)

For more than a half century Ib Nørholm has undoubtedly been the leading figure of contemporary Danish music. To celebrate his 70 th birthday (on January 24, 2001) Kontrapunkt releases a world premier recording of Nørholm’s three trio works which makes an interesting study of a composer’s development. The Copenhagen Trio to whom the latest trio (opus 155) was dedicated interprets Nørholm’s music with authority and profound understanding. 1. Trio Op. 22: Andante (Ib Nørholm)2. Trio Op. 22: Allegretto (Ib Nørholm)3. Trio Op. 22: Moderato (Ib Nørholm)4. Trio Op. 22: Adagio (Ib Nørholm)5. Trio Op. 22: Allegro (Ib Nørholm)6. Trio No. 2 Op. 77 Essai Prismatique: I (Ib Nørholm)7. Trio … Continue reading

Various Artists – Nørholm: Nine Soli – Selected Works For Solo Instruments (KON 32303)

1. Cycle In One Movement Op.120 (1991) (Ib Nørholm)2. Tea For Tuba Op.101 (1986) (Ib Nørholm)3. Sonata for Harp Op.149 (1998): I – Indfald (Ib Nørholm)4. Sonata for Harp Op.149 (1998): II – Henfald (Ib Nørholm)5. Sonata for Harp Op.149 (1998): III – Udfald (Ib Nørholm)6. Immanens Op. 87 (1982): I (Ib Nørholm)7. Immanens Op. 87 (1982): II (Ib Nørholm)8. Immanens Op. 87 (1982): III (Ib Nørholm)9. A Path of Snow and Creaking Op.134 (1994) (Ib Nørholm)10. In The Middle Of Darkness Op. 131 (Ib Nørholm)11. Preludes for Guitar Op.136 (1995): I Andante (Ib Nørholm)12. Preludes for Guitar Op.136 (1995): II Moderato (Ib Nørholm)13. Preludes for Guitar Op.136 (1995): III … Continue reading

Troels Svane, Morten Mogensen – Beethoven: Complete Works For Cello And Piano (KON 32290/91)

1. Sonata No. 1 F Major Op. 5/1: Adagio sostenuto – Allegro (Ludwig van Beethoven)1. Sonata No. 3 A Major Op. 69: Allegro ma non troppo (Ludwig van Beethoven)2. Sonata No. 1 F Major Op. 5/1: Rondo. Allegro vivace (Ludwig van Beethoven)2. Sonata No. 3 A Major Op. 69: Scherzo. Allegro molto (Ludwig van Beethoven)3. Sonata No. 2 G Minor Op. 5/2: Adagio sostenuto e espressivo – Allegro molto piu tosto presto (Ludwig van Beethoven)3. Sonata No. 3 A Major Op. 69: Adagio cantabile – Allegro vivace (Ludwig van Beethoven)4. Sonata Bo. 4 C Major Op. 102/1: Andante – Allegro vivace (Ludwig van Beethoven)4. Sonata No. 2 G Minor Op. … Continue reading

The Copenhagen Trio, Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen, Troels Svane – Schubert: Trio Works (KON 32273)

1. Trio Op. 100 D.929: Allegro (Franz Schubert)2. Trio Op. 100 D.929: Andante con moto (Franz Schubert)3. Trio Op. 100 D.929: Scherzando. Allegro moderato (Franz Schubert)4. Trio Op. 100 D.929: Allegro moderato (Franz Schubert)5. Sonatensatz D.28 (Franz Schubert)6. Adagio (Notturno) Op. posth 148 D.897 (Franz Schubert) UPC/EAN: 716043227327 … Continue reading

Troels Svane, Per Salo – Reger: Complete Works For Cello And Piano (KON 32270/71)

Kontrapunkt 32270/71 Max Reger: complete sonatas for cello and piano TROELS SVANE cello PER SALO piano MORTEN MOGENSEN piano * Recorded 1996 MAX REGER (1873-1916) DISC ONE: SONATA No. 1, F minor Op. 5 (1892) [29:41] SONATA No. 2, G minor Op. 28 (1898) [25:19] CAPRICE, B minor Op. 79e.1 (1904) 2:27 KLEINE ROMANZE, D major Op. 79e.2 (1904) 2:42 CAPRICE, A minor (1901) 1:23 ARIA Op. 103a No. 3* (1908) 4:47 (Original transcription by the composer) Total Playing Time 66:40 DISC TWO: SONATA No. 3, F major Op. 78 (1904) [32:43] SONATA No. 4, A minor Op. 116 (1910) [34:55] Total Playing Time 67:49 Cellist Troels Svane chose Max … Continue reading

Danish Chamber Players – Martinu: Musique de chambre (KON 32227)

32227 Martinu: Musique de Chambre DANISH CHAMBER PLAYERS: SVEND MELBYE flute (4), JOAKIM DAM THOMSEN oboe (2,4), EVA ÅBERG clarinet (2), ANNA KLETT clarinet (1,3,4), GUNNAR ECKHOFF bassoon (2,3,4), HENNING HANSEN French horn (4), SØREN ELBÆK violin (1,2,3,4), MAJDI ELBÆK violin (2), PIOTR ZELAZNY viola (1,4), ANNE TURNER cello (1,3), TROELS SVANE HERMANSEN cello (4), IDA ROSTRUP double bass (4), JAKOB WESTH piano (1,2,3), METTE FRANCK harp (1) BOHUSLAV MARTINU (1890-1959) MUSIQUE DE CHAMBRE No. 1 (1959) for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, harp & piano (1) RONDI (1930) for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, 2 violins & piano (2) LA REVUE DE CUISINE (1930) [15:29] for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, cello & … Continue reading

Søren Elbæk, Troels Svane, Mogensen, The Carl Nielsen Quartet, Jørgen Larsen, Svend Windsløv, Bjarne Boie Rasmussen, Peder Elbæk – Lange-Müller: Chamber Music (KON 32208)

Kontrapunkt 32208 Peter Erasmus Lange-Müller: CHAMBER MUSIC ROMANCE Op. 63 (1899) for violin & piano FANTASIE STYKKE Op. 39 (1891) for violin & piano TRIO Op. 53 (1898) for piano trio ALBUMSBLADE (1889) for string quartet Søren Elbæk violin , Morten Mogensen piano The Copenhagen Trio The Carl Nielsen Quartet total playing time 66:22 recorded November 1994 Kontrapunkt has been devoting large part of its catalogue to Danish composers known as well as less known to the international audiences. P. E. Lange-Müller (1850-1926) was one of the leading late Romantic composers whose main part of works were songs and state music. Though the list of chamber music is relatively short, … Continue reading

Toke Lund Christiansen, Morten Mogensen, Ebbe Monrad Møller, Troels Svane, Piotr Zelazny, Søren Elbæk – Syberg: Chamber Music, Volume 2, Allegro Sonatissimo, Scherzando, String Trio (KON 32197)

Kontrapunkt 32197 Franz Syberg: Chamber Music Vol. 2 Søren Elbæk violin Piotr Zelazny viola Troels Svane Hermansen cello Morten Mogensen piano Toke Lund Christiansen flute Ebbe Monrad Møller oboe 1. ALLEGRO SONATISSIMO (1926) for violin and piano 2. SCHERZANDO (1934) for flute, oboe, piano and cello STRING TRIO (1934) for violin, viola and cello 3. Allegro moderato 4. Molto allegro. Scherzando 5. Allegro moderato recorded 1994 total playing time 54:31 world premier recording! Franz Syberg (1904-1955)’s hitherto unknown material are still being discovered and even the known material are dispersed in the public music library or private collections. But it may not be so surprising for a composer who died … Continue reading