Steve LaSpina – When Children Smile (SCCD 31419)

SCCD 31419 When Children Smile / Steve LaSpina Bassist/composer Steve LaSpina returned to studio with his regular group plus a new trumpet talent Dave Ballou to create a captivating programme of original performance on his fifth CD for SteepleChase. 1. When children smile (Steve LaSpina)2. Solar (Miles Davis)3. There Is No Moon At All (Steve LaSpina)4. Under a spell (Steve LaSpina)5. Ramblin' (Ornette Coleman)6. Cosenza (Steve LaSpina)7. Your heart alone (Steve LaSpina)8. Tailspin (Steve LaSpina) UPC/EAN: 716043141920 … Continue reading

Vic Juris – Moonscape (SCCD 31402)

SCCD 31402 Moonscape / Vic Juris Quartet Vic Juris is one of the most sought after guitarists in New York today. This is his third CD on SteepleChase which features the writing and playing of Juris’ working quartet. The piano-less format affords Juris the opportunity to experiment with different textures. The result is an exemplary showcase of contemporary approaches to the modern jazz guitar. 1. Vampicide (Vic Juris)2. Critters (Vic Juris)3. A song for Kate (Vic Juris)4. You stepped out (Vic Juris)5. Moonscape (Vic Juris)6. Wrong is right (Larry Coryell)7. Blood count (Billy Strayhorn)8. Folk blues (Dick Oatts)9. Midnight at the waterfront (Jay Anderson)10. So tender (Keith Jarrett) UPC/EAN: 716043140220 … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – Story Time (SCCD 31396)

SCCD 31396 Story Time / Steve LaSpina Quartet Here’s another captivating CD by Steve LaSpina, a highly talented and imaginative composer and resourceful leader as well as the outstanding bass instrumentalist. On his composition, Mark Gardner writes, “ His writing is neither fussy nor over-emphatic. It allows everyone to ‘breathe’ while enhancing the listener’s enjoyment… ” 1. In the sky (Steve LaSpina)2. Story time (Steve LaSpina)3. That day (Steve LaSpina)4. Fanfare (Steve LaSpina)5. Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael)6. Scott's bop (Steve LaSpina)7. It's no party without you (Steve LaSpina)8. Il volo di florindo (Lello Pareti) UPC/EAN: 716043139620 … Continue reading

Vic Juris – Pastels (SCCD 31384)

SCCD 31384 Pastels / Vic Juris Quartet “… Like other CDs conceived by the engaging Juris this one will grow on the listener with each playing. The man is so diverse in his musical character that something new is always coming at you from the speakers when Vic hits a groove. He is, undoubtedly, one of the most interesting contemporary exponents in the strings department ….” (Mark Gardner) 1. Will call (Jay Anderson)2. Sweet and lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemare)3. Megatroid (Vic Juris)4. Berlin (Vic Juris)5. Sail away (Tom Harrell)6. Sim 95 (Vic Juris)7. 26-2 (John Coltrane)8. Chop shop (Phil Markowitz)9. Bravo Rio (Vic Juris)10. I'll close my eyes (Kaye/Reid) UPC/EAN: 716043138425 … Continue reading

Steve LaSpina – When I’m Alone (SCCD 31376)

SCCD 31376 When I'm Alone / Steve LaSpina Quintet Steve LaSpina is, besides being a dextrous and soulful bassist, an intensely personal and inventive composer. His exceptional talent as a writer is evident again here on this his third leader album (earlier releases: New Horizon SCCD 31313 and Eclipse SCCD 31343). The band here is LaSpina’s regular group which demonstrates clear dedication to the leader’s works. Addition of guitarist Vic Juris gave the group an extra dimension and colour. 1. Soaring (Steve LaSpina)2. Young hearts (Steve LaSpina)3. Last time out (Steve LaSpina)4. When I'm alone (Steve LaSpina)5. Exploration (Steve LaSpina)6. My romance (Richard Rodgers)7. Mirage (Steve LaSpina)8. Anesthesia (Steve LaSpina)9. … Continue reading

Vic Juris – Night Tripper (SCCD 31353)

SCCD 31353 Night Tripper / Vic Juris Quartet Guitarist Vic Juris (b. 1953 in Parsippany, New Jersey) has been a prominent figure on the jazz scene for almost 20 years. While he leads his own quartet recorded here, he performs as a member of the Dave Liebman Group, the Gary Peacock Quartet and as the leader of the Charles Mingus Guitar Quintet as well. He also appears regularly as Larry Coryell’s acoustic duo partner. This is Vic’s first recording for SteepleChase. 1. I heard you cried last night (Ted Grouya)2. Dekooning (Phil Markowitz)3. Liebeslied (Kurt Weil)4. Next victim (Vic Juris)5. Estate (Martino)6. Night tripper (Vic Juris)7. Without you (Steve LaSpina)8. … Continue reading

Ron McClure – Inner Account (SCCD 31329)

SCCD 31329 Inner Account / Ron McClure Quintet “ It is with his vast experience acquired in the past 20 years in the different lines of evolution of jazz… that McClure synthesises in this album his 7 original compositions which are rich in harmonic ideas and rhythmically well-balanced …” (F.C., Compact) 1. Inner account (Ron McClure)2. Sunnyside up (Ron McClure)3. Ain't it cute (Ron McClure)4. Subway (Vic Juris)5. Final decision (Ron McClure)6. Look who's talkin (Ron McClure)7. Nordix (Ron McClure)8. For Emily (Vic Juris)9. The phantom (Ron McClure) UPC/EAN: 716043132928 … Continue reading